The Good Mosel Wine

Riesling is known worldwide as a typical Mosel wine and is appreciated by many connoisseurs. However, other grape varieties have also been cultivated in the vineyards along the Moselle river for a long time, from which excellent wines are made. Red wines have long been established and less acidic wines are appreciated by connoisseurs who find Riesling wines too acidic. Many wineries offer wine tastings where you can find out interesting information about the wine varieties and their cultivation and, of course, about the production of the wines. Moselle specialties are also often served in the cosy wine taverns, which go especially well with the wines served: always a culinary experience!

Particularly popular are the fun tractor rides through the vineyards, where you are driven through the vineyards with wine and snacks and can enjoy the entire Moselle ambience up close.

Enjoying a wine tasting with friends at a winery of a Mosel winegrower.
Many Mosel winegrowers offer wine tastings at their wineries. Enjoying a wine tasting with friends is always a high-light! Enjoyment, good humor and interesting facts about Mosel wines are like a gift package!